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Free-choice indoor and outdoor daycare, with an emphasis on the CARE

Fully staffed

Climate controlled

TV & music

Natural and artificial surfaces

Tiny levels

A maximum of 15 tinys per day

Please see our Contact page for all daycare pricing and other information

Overnight Boarding

Fully staffed

Climate controlled

Night lights

Home comforts

A maximum of 10 tinys per night


R360.00 per day or part thereof (single dog)

R480.00 per day or part thereof (pair of dogs)

R600.00 per day (trio of dogs)

Excludes transport (R10.00 per kilometre, 10km is included for free)

Owners provide food (to reduce tummy upsets)

Includes mandatory deworming

Please see our Contact page for Ts and Cs

Behavioural Consultations

Internationally-accredited dog behaviourist